Monday, June 30, 2014

How Vinyl Windows are Installed!

Replacing windows can be a confusing process! So here is our attempt to make it all very clear and simple for you!



All Universal Windows Direct installers are employed by us year-round. They are not employed with several other companies and we use them for every install, so you'll see the same smiling faces for each project :)

All of our Installers are:
  • Installation Masters certified
  • EPA Lead Paint certified
  • Covered under general liability insurance and worker's compensation insurance


The installation process is fairly simple and can be broken down in four steps:
  1. Remove the old windows!
    • Remove any rotted wood
    • Clean up the opening


2. Install your new windows!

 3. Insulate, Cap, and caulk
    • We use high grade OSI Quad caulk and foam insulation

     4. Clean up! 


And it's as simple as that! After these steps you are left with your brand new windows.

Friday, June 27, 2014

What is Canvassing

             Each day with canvassing is not like the last. This job is an excellent opportunity to interact with homeowners, and for a few moments, get to know them. As a canvasser, my goal is to make everyone I interact with a little bit happier. I want to bring a smile to each and every homeowners face and give them an amazing opportunity to get an estimate for future reference on their home. Before I head out  I get to the office at 3:30 and start preparing for the day of work ahead. Some people may not know what canvassing is, all I'm doing is going from door to door and talking briefly with homeowners and giving them estimates for all their exterior home improvement needs. Having this job has helped me tremendously with interaction and public speaking. With this job comes some minor difficulties. Like I said before, I'd like to make every homeowner a little bit happier. I can run into people when they're having off days so as a result I'm not the first person they would like to see at their door. Sunburn is another thing you could run into with this job. With the Chicago weather being very diverse, one day could be cold and the next it could be 90 degrees, but this could be easily prevented with a little sunscreen :). For every difficulty with this job there are many more positives, as I said earlier it improved greatly with my public speaking. Also canvasing is an amazing way to interact with the community. Thank you homeowners for giving me such an awesome experience.